html5media 1.1.7 released

html5media2nd April 2014

This release fixes parsing of file extensions in URLs with query strings, such as authenticated Amazon S3 URLs.

html5media 1.1.6 released

html5media23rd September 2013

This release fixes a broken Flowplayer expressInstall static path, and improves the fidelity of the styling of the fallback element.

html5media switches CDN provider

html5media11th January 2012

As of today, the html5media CDN will now be hosted by WebFaction in Amsterdam. You don't need to do anything to update your code, and everything will keep working as before.

html5media 1.1.5 released

html5media17th November 2011

This release adds in a few useful API hooks to allow forcing the Flash fallback to appear on browsers that support the video tag, but have a buggy implementation. It also improves the fallback flash player to be more consistent with native players.

html5media 1.1.4 released

html5media10th July 2011

This release adds in support for a high-performance global CDN, backed by Google App Engine. It also adds in support for low-resolution video fallbacks for mobile devices based on CSS media queries.

html5media 1.1.3 released

html5media10th November 2010

This release adds better support for Android devices and upgrades the Flowplayer fallback player.

html5media 1.1.2 released

html5media12th July 2010

This release fixes a minor bug when defining mimetypes in <source> elements.

html5media 1.1.1 released

html5media14th June 2010

html5media 1.1.1 has been released. It now has several configurable callbacks to further customize the Flash fallback.

html5media 1.1 released

html5media9th June 2010

html5media 1.1 has been released. A number of minor bugs have been fixed.

html5media 1.0 released

html5media2nd March 2010

html5media 1.0 has been released, and received instant recognition. It's just hit the Reddit homepage.