The Ad Bar website launched

The Ad Bar23rd December 2010

The Ad Bar is now online!

The Ad Bar Video CVs launches!

The Ad Bar Video CVs22nd December 2010

The Video CV site is now online. Upload your Video CV now!

moody-templates alpha now available

moody-templates29th November 2010

moody-templates alpha is now available on GitHub.

html5media 1.1.3 released

html5media10th November 2010

This release adds better support for Android devices and upgrades the Flowplayer fallback player.

Cambridge Phenomenon Conference website launched

Cambridge Phenomenon Conference6th November 2010

The Cambridge Phenomenon Conference is now online and accepting ticket sales!

Cambridge Phenomenon website launched

Cambridge Phenomenon2nd November 2010

The Cambridge Phenomenon website is now online!

django-reversion 1.3.2 released

django-reversion22nd October 2010

  • Added Polish translation.
  • Added French translation.
  • Improved resilience of unit tests.
  • Improved scaleability of Version.object.get_deleted() method.
  • Improved scaleability of createinitialrevisions command.
  • Removed post_syncdb hook.
  • Added new createinitialrevisions management command.
  • Fixed DoesNotExistError with OneToOneFields and follow.

html5media 1.1.2 released

html5media12th July 2010

This release fixes a minor bug when defining mimetypes in <source> elements.

django-reversion 1.3.1 released

django-reversion12th July 2010

This release is compatible with Django 1.2.1.

  • Django 1.2.1 admin compatibility.

django-reversion 1.2.1 released

django-reversion11th July 2010

This release is compatible with Django 1.1.1.

  • The django syncdb command will now automatically populate any version-controlled models with an initial revision.
  • Reversion now works with SQLite for tables over 999 rows.
  • Added Hebrew translation.

django-reversion 1.2 released

django-reversion10th July 2010

This release is compatible with Django 1.1.

  • Django 1.1 admin compatibility

django-reversion 1.1.2 released

django-reversion9th July 2010

This release is compatible with Django 1.0.4.

  • Doc tests.
  • German translation update.
  • Better compatibility with the Django trunk.
  • The ability to specify a serialization format used by the ReversionAdmin class when models are auto-registered.
  • Reduction in the number of database queries performed by the Reversion admin interface.

django-reversion 1.1.1 released

django-reversion8th July 2010

This release is compatible with Django 1.0.2.

  • German and Italian translations.
  • Helper functions for generating diffs.
  • Improved handling of one-to-many relationships in the admin

html5media 1.1.1 released

html5media14th June 2010

html5media 1.1.1 has been released. It now has several configurable callbacks to further customize the Flash fallback.

html5media 1.1 released

html5media9th June 2010

html5media 1.1 has been released. A number of minor bugs have been fixed.

Muirhoward website launched

Muirhoward29th March 2010

The Muirhoward website is now online!

html5media 1.0 released

html5media2nd March 2010

html5media 1.0 has been released, and received instant recognition. It's just hit the Reddit homepage.

Girton College upgraded to CMS 2.0

Girton College1st February 2010

The Content Management System powering Girton College has now been upgraded to version 2.0.

This release offers substantial performance improvements, as well as a number of new admin tools for the editorial team.