Schroders defender mobile websites launched

Schroders Defender18th January 2012

The mobile landing pages are now online!

Cambridge Enterprise updated with tagging

Cambridge Enterprise18th January 2012

It's now possible to filter the licence opportunities and reagents by tag, as well as printing out a long list of all available licenses and reagents. This feature aims to ease the workflows of industry clients of Cambridge Enterprise.

Schroders Defender desktop landing pages launched

Schroders Defender16th January 2012

The desktop landing pages for the Schroders Defender campaign are now online.

CRFS intranet upgraded with data export tools

CRFS intranet11th January 2012

It's now possible to export almost every data view on the site into downloadable CSV format. Perfect for importing into desktop spreadsheet programs.

html5media switches CDN provider

html5media11th January 2012

As of today, the html5media CDN will now be hosted by WebFaction in Amsterdam. You don't need to do anything to update your code, and everything will keep working as before.

Camfed seasonal raises £512K

Camfed10th January 2012

The Camfed seasonal appeal has now ended, having raised a grand total of £512,000. That's a lot of girls in education. Thank you everyone!

Playbrighter updated with extra teacher tools

PlayBrighter5th January 2012

It's now possible to get temporary login passwords for your students from their detail page, and to print out password reminders for an entire class.

We've also added a CSV batch upload feature for students, and improved the question set search.