The Guardian Professional Networks registration

The Guardian Professional Networks registration is a micro-site that allows people to sign up to one of the Guardian Professional Networks. It uses an advanced hosting setup to send data to Exact Target CRM via background worker processes, allowing a fast and responsive front-end experience.

Each network features it's own white-labelled UI, built using Responsive Design techniques to adapt to mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.

The site was designed by Mohawk.

  • Professional Networks newsletter system launches

    Oct 2013

    A new bulk mailing system has been added, allowing email newsletters to be created, scheduled, and dispatched to high-volume mailing lists. The system is designed to handle millions of emails per month, at a rate of 100K emails per hour.

    The system makes heavy use of RabbitMQ and Celery to parallelize sends amongst a large number of background workers, and is horizontally scalable should future volumes increase.

    Other key technologies contributing to the send performance include PostgreSQL full text indexing and Amazon Elasticache.

  • Premium membership feature added

    Apr 2013

    Paid-for premium memberships for a select number of networks are now available, offering additional member benefits.

    The online transactions for this feature were handled through an integration with WorldPay.

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The Guardian soulmates #soulsearcher quiz

The #soulsearcher quiz is a Guardian marketing initiative to encourage more signups to their online dating service. The quiz allows people to answer questions about their dating habits, receive a fun soulmates rating, and be entered in a chance to win a Michelin star dining experience.

The quiz was designed to run on multiple platforms, including tablet and mobile, using CSS3 responsive design techniques. It was developed using the AngularJS framework.

The project was developed by Mohawk.

Wimbledon 2013 Guardian Data Capture

Guardian representatives at Wimbledon 2013 used the Mohawk Survey Platform to gather user registrations during the day.

This pilot launch of the platform utilised it's offline capabilities, allowing the iPad-based application to still function during periods of poor mobile data reception.

The project was designed and developed by Mohawk.


#guardiancoffee, based in BOXPARK Shoreditch, aims to bring the Guardian's groundbreaking open journalism approach to life. The café features a huge, high resolution display, showing live data updating coffee-drinkers with real-time stats on what's being consumed.

The project was designed and developed by Mohawk.

The Ad Bar

The Ad Bar is a social video advertising site for businesses. It allow businesses to promote themselves using high-definition web videos.

This site integrates with the Daily Motion Cloud API to provide high-quality video streaming and encoding.

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Jo Alexander

Jo Alexander is a supplier of high-quality teak garden furniture, based in Cambridge. Their new website allows people to purchase furniture online using a bespoke e-commerce platform. The whole user experience, from product selection to final purchase, is completely seamless. A full-text search engine, bundled with the site, allows users to easily find the product they're looking for.

The site was designed by Onespacemedia.

  • Jo Alexander site redesigned!

    May 2013

    The Jo Alexander site has undergone a complete redesign, focusing on high-resolution images and clean use of whitespace.

    This design update places greater emphasis on social sharing, customer reviews, and provides a clearer checkout process.

  • Jo Alexander updated for the summer!

    Jul 2012

    The Jo Alexander website has undergone a design overhaul and received a number of important new features.

    It's now possible to save £s with new multibuy offers, which can be highlighted to customers via a new promotional banner system.

The Guardian Advertising Gallery

The Guardian Advertising Gallery showcases the Guardian's many innovative advertising formats to interested agencies. It can be accessed from all devices via the web, or run as a standalone offline version for mobile devices.

Responsive design techniques were used throughout, including dynamic selection of different image resolutions based on screen size, to ensure the best possible experience on all platforms.

This site was designed by Muirhoward.

CRFS RFeye Monitor

RFeye Monitor is an web-based portal for collecting and managing spectrum data using a network of widely distributed monitoring nodes. The system was built to process and store vast quantities of live spectrum data, allowing immediate analysis and graphing of the incoming information.

More infomation on this commercial product is available from the CRFS product page.

The project was managed by Onespacemedia.

The Ad Bar Video CVs

The Ad Bar Video CVs lets you create and update your Video CV and present yourself and your personality direct to potential employers. It offers high-quality video upload and streaming via the DailyMotion Cloud API.

CRFS intranet

The CRFS intranet was developed to allow company employees to log their time spent on projects with an absolute minimum distruption to their working day. It then provides a number of complex statistical analysis tools for project managers to analyse the earned value and CPI index of their ongoing projects, as well as tracking R&D tax credits.

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