Schroder's Orient Express competition

To promote their Asian Alpha Plus fund, Schroders are offering the chance to win a trip for two aboard the Orient Express. A data-capture application was developed to run on mobile, tablet and desktop platforms, with the data being sent directly to Eloqua CRM via their API.

The application was designed by Muirhoward.

Stuff Magazine survey

The Stuff Magazine survey is an iPad mobile webapp designed to run as advert inside Stuff Magazine for iPad. It aims to be a fun and engaging experience, using varied and playful UI widgets to acheive a high conversion rate.

The survey was designed by Muirhoward.

Lumie Dream Morning Generator

Lumie Dream Morning Generator is a Facebook page tab used to promote the Lumie range of bodyclocks, which wake you up using natural light. The app gives users the chance to generate and win a dream morning using a set of spinning options, like a slot machine. The final result is published to their timeline as a Facebook open graph action.

The Lumie app was designed by Muirhoward.

Real World OCaml commenting

Real World OCaml is an upcoming O'Reilly publication, written by Jason Hickey, Anil Madhavapeddy and Yaron Minsky. A live version of of the book content has been created to allow a small group of trusted reviewers to comment on individual sections within the book via the GitHub API.

The actual commenting site is currently inaccessible to the public.

The commenting site was designed by Onespacemedia.

Imperial Innovations

Imperial Innovations provides technology commercialisation services and invests in technology and healthcare businesses based on research from Imperial College London, Cambridge, Oxford and University College London. The website was developed using etianen-cms and showcases their services, investment portfolio and key staff members.

The website was designed by Onespacemedia.

Fly Airbus

Flyairbus is one of the leading providers of airbus training. Fully accredited by the UK CAA/EASA they provide national and international courses to existing and aspiring pilots.

The new website features an online booking system, user account area and protected media service.


Camfed is an international charity that provides girls' education in Africa. By educating young women to become community leaders, Camfed breaks the cycle of poverty to improve the quality of life for tens of thousands of girls each year.

The website was designed by Onespacemedia.

  • Camfed website relaunched!

    Sep 2012

    The Camfed website has been completely redesigned and rebuilt, and was launched today.

    It's a significant improvement over the old look and feel. The new site is powered by etianen-cms, giving us full control over the presentation and functionality.

    A new multi-currency donation platform allows people around the world to support girls' education in Africa.

  • Camfed NYC launch event is a success

    May 2012

    The launch event for the Camfed NYC chapter took place yesterday, and was a great success.

    A custom iPad app, created for the event, was used to quickly capture member email addresses over the evening.

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PlayBrighter is an educational gaming website aimed at primary and secondary schools. It allows teachers to set their students assignments in the form of Flash games, earning the players in-game credit that can be spent on upgrading their avatar.

The website's ambitious design was created by Polygon Creative.

  • PlayBrighter mission preview has landed!

    Mar 2012

    Teachers can now preview and play the missions they set their students, allowing them to make sure that the questions and game they've chosen are appropriate for their students' age and abilities.

    Question sets can now be created with multiple choice questions, and there's a fresh tutorial video to show users how these new features work.

  • PlayBrighter question set editor improvements

    Feb 2012

    The question set editor now supports cloning and customising a built-in question set, as well as saving your progress while continuing editing. You can also preview the built-in question sets and launch a new mission directly from the question set editor.

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Golf Day Live

Golf Day Live is a mobile web application, developed by myself and Muirhoward. It allows golfers to collaborate and share live game updates with each other as they play, and works on all major phone platforms.

The application features online/offline mode, as well as continual background updating of game results. It was designed to be as quick to set up as possible, allowing golfers to start using it on the day without any prior installation on their device.

  • In-game messaging added to Golf Day Live

    Jul 2012

    Golf Day Live now supports in-game messaging, allowing players and official commentators to talk about the game as it happens.

    Staff members from the clubhouse or tournament are able to distinguish themselves from player banter through the use of custom-designed icons, or by sticking their message to the top of the updates stream for extra prominence.

  • Golf Day Live used in EGCOA tournament

    Nov 2011

    Golf Day Live is being used as the official scoring application for the Europian Golf Club Owners Association tournament and conference. In a few days it'll be keeping track of 80 simultanious players, broadcasting all of their live score updates to a widescreen TV set up in the clubhouse.

    This represents the biggest and most openly-available demonstration of the application to date.

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The Idea of a University

Religion and the Idea of a Research University, is an interdisciplinary project of the Cambridge Inter-faith Programme at the University of Cambridge. The website follows a magazine-style blog format and aims to promote discussion around the topic if religion and it's place in a modern research university.

The website was designed by Onespacemedia.