django-historylinks 1.1.0 released

django-historylinks14th December 2015

django-historylinks 1.1.0 is now available on GitHub and PyPi. This release adds compatibile for Django 1.9, but introduces some breaking changes. Check the changelog for information.

django-historylinks 1.0.3 released

django-historylinks5th February 2014

Model historylinks are no longer updated on fixture loading, fixing edge-case issues with multi-table inheritance.

django-historylinks 1.0.1 is out!

django-historylinks28th January 2013

The redirects producted by django-historylinks are now marked to never cache, preventing an easy infinite redirect look being set up by browsers.

django-historylinks 1.0 has landed!

django-historylinks24th July 2012

The first production release of django-historylinks is now available on GitHub and PyPi.