django-optimizations 1.0.4 has landed

django-optimizations14th September 2014

This release brings provisional Python 3 compatibility to the project.

django-optimizations updated to work on remote filesystems

django-optimizations29th January 2013

django-optimizations now works with remote filesystems, such as Amazon S3. To the cloud!

Beta-level video processing added to django-optimizations

django-optimizations17th April 2012

django-optimizations now comes with support for generating efficient thumbnails from MP4 videos, as well as highly-experimental video stream transcoding and resizing support.

django-optimizations 1.0 has landed!

django-optimizations7th March 2012

django-optimizations 1.0 is now available for download from GitHub and PyPi.

django-optimizations beta now available

django-optimizations4th October 2011

A beta release of django-optimizations is now available on GitHub. It should be considered ready for production use, but the public APIs documention is still only available via the source code, and may still be subject to change.