django-require 1.0.10 released

django-require15th February 2016

django-require 1.0.10 is now available on GitHub and PyPi. This release adds compatibility with Django 1.9.

django-require 1.0.7 has landed!

django-require26th February 2015

The latest release is available on PyPi and GitHub. It updates the bundled require.js libraries, and adds in a manifest file storage for Django 1.7+.

django-require 1.0.6 released

django-require11th April 2014

This release improves the reliability of the Rhino build environment for large projects, and upgrades all the bundled requirejs libraries.

django-require 1.0.5 is out!

django-require12th November 2013

The latest release of django-require is now available on GitHub and PyPi. This release upgrades the bundles RequireJS to 2.1.8, as well as fixing the tests to work in Django 1.6.

django-require 1.0.4 released

django-require27th July 2013

The latest release includes updates to the bundled require.js, r.js, and closure compiler libraries.

django-require 1.0.3 has landed!

django-require25th April 2013

This update adds the ability to specify custom compiler environments, either by class name or alias.

It also performs automatic detection of the fastest available environment on the system, if none is specified.

django-require 1.0.2 released

django-require25th February 2013

The latest version of django-require provides the most recent versions of the requirejs, almond, closure and rhino libraries. It also slightly speeds up deploys to remote filesystems.

django-require 1.0.1 is out!

django-require30th November 2012

It's now possible to use node as a compilation environment, instead of java, with substantial performance gains during optimization.

The latest versions of RequireJS and almond are also included in this release.

django-require 1.0.0 released!

django-require1st November 2012

The first production release of django-require is now available on GitHub and PyPi. Happy coding!