django-reversion is an extension to the Django web framework that provides comprehensive version control facilities.

  • Roll back to any point in a model's history - an unlimited undo facility!
  • Recover deleted models - never lose data again!
  • Admin integration for maximum usability.
  • Group related changes into revisions that can be rolled back in a single transaction.
  • Automatically save a new version whenever your model changes using Django's flexible signalling framework.
  • Automate your revision management with easy-to-use middleware.

django-reversion can be easily added to your existing Django project with an absolute minimum of code changes.

  • django-reversion 2.0.0 lands with a bang!

    Jun 2016

    django-reversion 2.0.0 is now available on GitHub and PyPi.

    django-reversion was first released in May 2008, and has been in active development ever since. Over this time it's developed a certain amount of cruft from legacy and unused features, resulting in needless complexity and multiple ways of achieving the same task.

    This release substantially cleans and refactors the codebase.

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