django-reversion 1.5 released

django-reversion7th September 2011

  • Added in simplified low level API methods, and deprecated old low level API methods.
  • Added in support for multiple revision managers running in the same project.
  • Added in significant speedups for models with integer primary keys.
  • Added in cleanup improvements to patch generation helpers.
  • Minor bug fixes

django-reversion 1.4 released

django-reversion27th April 2011

  • Added in a version flag for add / change / delete annotations.
  • Added experimental deleterevisions management command.
  • Added a --comment option to createinitialrevisions management command.
  • Django 1.3 compatibility.

django-reversion 1.3.3 released

django-reversion5th March 2011

  • Improved resilience of revert() to database integrity errors.
  • Added in Czech translation.
  • Added ability to only save revisions if there is no change.
  • Fixed long-running bug with file fields in inline related admin models.
  • Easier debugging for createinitialrevisions command.
  • Improved compatibility with Oracle database backend.
  • Fixed error in MySQL tests.
  • Greatly improved performance of get_deleted() Version manager method.
  • Fixed an edge-case UnicodeError.

django-reversion 1.3.2 released

django-reversion22nd October 2010

  • Added Polish translation.
  • Added French translation.
  • Improved resilience of unit tests.
  • Improved scaleability of Version.object.get_deleted() method.
  • Improved scaleability of createinitialrevisions command.
  • Removed post_syncdb hook.
  • Added new createinitialrevisions management command.
  • Fixed DoesNotExistError with OneToOneFields and follow.

django-reversion 1.3.1 released

django-reversion12th July 2010

This release is compatible with Django 1.2.1.

  • Django 1.2.1 admin compatibility.

django-reversion 1.2.1 released

django-reversion11th July 2010

This release is compatible with Django 1.1.1.

  • The django syncdb command will now automatically populate any version-controlled models with an initial revision.
  • Reversion now works with SQLite for tables over 999 rows.
  • Added Hebrew translation.

django-reversion 1.2 released

django-reversion10th July 2010

This release is compatible with Django 1.1.

  • Django 1.1 admin compatibility

django-reversion 1.1.2 released

django-reversion9th July 2010

This release is compatible with Django 1.0.4.

  • Doc tests.
  • German translation update.
  • Better compatibility with the Django trunk.
  • The ability to specify a serialization format used by the ReversionAdmin class when models are auto-registered.
  • Reduction in the number of database queries performed by the Reversion admin interface.

django-reversion 1.1.1 released

django-reversion8th July 2010

This release is compatible with Django 1.0.2.

  • German and Italian translations.
  • Helper functions for generating diffs.
  • Improved handling of one-to-many relationships in the admin

django-reversion 1.1 released

django-reversion5th December 2009

django-reversion 1.1 has been released on Google Code.

django-reversion 1.0 released

django-reversion26th November 2009

django-reversion 1.0 has been released on Google Code.