EV overview added to CRFS intranet

CRFS intranet2nd February 2013

A whole-company EV and CPI overview report has been added to the intranet application, with optional date-based constraints.

Expense tracking added to CRFS intranet

CRFS intranet31st October 2012

Expense logging and analysis has now been added to the intranet, allowing the existing time-based EV and CPI analysis to be applied to real money assets within the company.

CRFS intranet upgraded with data export tools

CRFS intranet11th January 2012

It's now possible to export almost every data view on the site into downloadable CSV format. Perfect for importing into desktop spreadsheet programs.

CRFS intranet UI overhauled

CRFS intranet15th October 2011

The UI for the CRFS intranet has been completely overhauled to allow significantly more information to be displayed on-screen. It has also been modified to take advantage of ultra-widescreen monitors by using a fluid width layout.

CRFS intranet upgraded with charting tools

CRFS intranet22nd September 2011

The CRFS intranet has now been upgraded with a number of charting tools, allowing summaries of important information over time to be quickly generated and displayed.

CRFS intranet launched

CRFS intranet10th June 2011

The CRFS intranet site has been deployed on their own internal servers.