Golf Day Live

Golf Day Live is a mobile web application, developed by myself and Muirhoward. It allows golfers to collaborate and share live game updates with each other as they play, and works on all major phone platforms.

The application features online/offline mode, as well as continual background updating of game results. It was designed to be as quick to set up as possible, allowing golfers to start using it on the day without any prior installation on their device.

  • In-game messaging added to Golf Day Live

    Jul 2012

    Golf Day Live now supports in-game messaging, allowing players and official commentators to talk about the game as it happens.

    Staff members from the clubhouse or tournament are able to distinguish themselves from player banter through the use of custom-designed icons, or by sticking their message to the top of the updates stream for extra prominence.

  • Golf Day Live used in EGCOA tournament

    Nov 2011

    Golf Day Live is being used as the official scoring application for the Europian Golf Club Owners Association tournament and conference. In a few days it'll be keeping track of 80 simultanious players, broadcasting all of their live score updates to a widescreen TV set up in the clubhouse.

    This represents the biggest and most openly-available demonstration of the application to date.

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