In-game messaging added to Golf Day Live

Golf Day Live9th July 2012

Golf Day Live now supports in-game messaging, allowing players and official commentators to talk about the game as it happens.

Staff members from the clubhouse or tournament are able to distinguish themselves from player banter through the use of custom-designed icons, or by sticking their message to the top of the updates stream for extra prominence.

Golf Day Live used in EGCOA tournament

Golf Day Live30th November 2011

Golf Day Live is being used as the official scoring application for the Europian Golf Club Owners Association tournament and conference. In a few days it'll be keeping track of 80 simultanious players, broadcasting all of their live score updates to a widescreen TV set up in the clubhouse.

This represents the biggest and most openly-available demonstration of the application to date.

Golf Day Live tested on local golf course

Golf Day Live7th October 2011

And updated version of Golf Day Live is now undergoing multi-device testing on a local golf course.

Golf Day Live begins limited testing

Golf Day Live29th June 2011

A prototype of Golf Day Live has been made available to a small group of testers in the field. Their experiences with the application will be used to shape the direction of future developments.