The Guardian Professional Networks registration

The Guardian Professional Networks registration is a micro-site that allows people to sign up to one of the Guardian Professional Networks. It uses an advanced hosting setup to send data to Exact Target CRM via background worker processes, allowing a fast and responsive front-end experience.

Each network features it's own white-labelled UI, built using Responsive Design techniques to adapt to mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.

The site was designed by Mohawk.

  • Professional Networks newsletter system launches

    Oct 2013

    A new bulk mailing system has been added, allowing email newsletters to be created, scheduled, and dispatched to high-volume mailing lists. The system is designed to handle millions of emails per month, at a rate of 100K emails per hour.

    The system makes heavy use of RabbitMQ and Celery to parallelize sends amongst a large number of background workers, and is horizontally scalable should future volumes increase.

    Other key technologies contributing to the send performance include PostgreSQL full text indexing and Amazon Elasticache.

  • Premium membership feature added

    Apr 2013

    Paid-for premium memberships for a select number of networks are now available, offering additional member benefits.

    The online transactions for this feature were handled through an integration with WorldPay.

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