Mohawk Survey Platform

The Mohawk Survey Platform was developed to allow easy creation of data-capture applications by frontend developers. It exposes a Javascript API that allows survey data to be securely sent to a remote database, and downloaded for analysis by survey administrators.

Live, to-the-minute visualisation of incoming data is provided to administrators via a per-application secure dashboard. Offline support via the HTML5 appcache and localStorage allows data to be collected during mobile signal outage, and saved opportunistically in the background when data connectivity is re-acquired.

The project was developed by Mohawk.

  • Programmable reports added to Mohawk Survey Platform

    Mar 2014

    Mohawk Surveys now features a programmable reporting system, powered by a functional scripting language developed specifically for the platform.

    The scripting language was designed for sophisticated analysis of response data, with strict guarantees to ensure that scripts from untrusted sources could be run safely in a sandboxed runtime.

  • Email responses added to Mohawk Surveys

    Oct 2013

    Surveys can now be configured to send an automated email on completion, supporting the full range of Django template system for per-user customisation.

    Additional security settings for per-origin access control and the specification of access token expiry have also been added.

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