Programmable reports added to Mohawk Survey Platform

Mohawk Survey Platform28th March 2014

Mohawk Surveys now features a programmable reporting system, powered by a functional scripting language developed specifically for the platform.

The scripting language was designed for sophisticated analysis of response data, with strict guarantees to ensure that scripts from untrusted sources could be run safely in a sandboxed runtime.

Real time data aggregation added to Mohawk Survey Platform

Mohawk Survey Platform1st November 2013

The survey platform is now capable of performing real-time aggregate analysis of incoming data. The algorithm is based on a map-reduce workflow, allowing aggregates to be efficiently updated by incoming data without requiring a full rebuild to take place.

Email responses added to Mohawk Surveys

Mohawk Survey Platform3rd October 2013

Surveys can now be configured to send an automated email on completion, supporting the full range of Django template system for per-user customisation.

Additional security settings for per-origin access control and the specification of access token expiry have also been added.

Mohawk Survey Platform updated with CORS support

Mohawk Survey Platform11th July 2013

The Mohawk Survey Platform now supports remote data posting via CORS (in compatible browsers).

This allows data capture applications to be run on custom domains, improving branding options for public-facing surveys.

Mohawk Survey Platform piloted by The Gurdian at Wimbledon 2013

Mohawk Survey Platform25th June 2013

Guardian reps at Wimbledon 2013 used the Mohawk Survey Platform to gather user registrations during the day.

This pilot launch of the platform utilised it's offline capabilities, allowing the iPad-based application to still function during periods of poor mobile data reception.