Network'43 was an initiative set up by Muirhoward to showcase everyday life during World War 2. The website was used as a publishing platform for a scripted set of tweets sent out by four fictional characters, describing their own experiences in the weeks leading up to rememberance day.

The website used the Twitter API to publish scripted tweets as and when they were scheduled to happen. It also provides a browsable timeline for each character, along with a large media gallery powered by html5media.

  • Network'43 updated for the long-haul

    Dec 2011

    Now that the period of scripted tweets has ended, the Network'43 website has been updated to become a long-term resource for schools and other educational institutions to reasearch everyday life during World War 2.

    The media gallery has also been updated to provide easier access to the excellent videos and pictures that were sent out over the course of the three-week experience.