PlayBrighter is an educational gaming website aimed at primary and secondary schools. It allows teachers to set their students assignments in the form of Flash games, earning the players in-game credit that can be spent on upgrading their avatar.

The website's ambitious design was created by Polygon Creative.

  • PlayBrighter mission preview has landed!

    Mar 2012

    Teachers can now preview and play the missions they set their students, allowing them to make sure that the questions and game they've chosen are appropriate for their students' age and abilities.

    Question sets can now be created with multiple choice questions, and there's a fresh tutorial video to show users how these new features work.

  • PlayBrighter question set editor improvements

    Feb 2012

    The question set editor now supports cloning and customising a built-in question set, as well as saving your progress while continuing editing. You can also preview the built-in question sets and launch a new mission directly from the question set editor.

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