Playbrighter updated with new game content

PlayBrighter17th December 2011

In response to user feedback, we've just rolled out a load of updates to the Flash games to improve their usability and difficulty balance.

We're always keen to hear about people's experiences with the site, and are looking forward to pushing out further improvements over the coming months.

Network'43 updated for the long-haul

Network'4315th December 2011

Now that the period of scripted tweets has ended, the Network'43 website has been updated to become a long-term resource for schools and other educational institutions to reasearch everyday life during World War 2.

The media gallery has also been updated to provide easier access to the excellent videos and pictures that were sent out over the course of the three-week experience.

Cambridge Enterprise portfolio companies updated

Cambridge Enterprise14th December 2011

The portfolio company directory for Cambridge Enterprise has been updated with a new look and UI. It now provides a substantially better viewing area for company logos, as well as improved category navigation widget.

Camfed seasonal appeal 2012 launched

Camfed5th December 2011

The Christmas appeal for Camfed has now been launched. A corresponding print campaign is also heading out at the same time. If you're looking to make a charitable donation over the holiday season, Camfed is an excellent choice, and makes excellent use of the money.

Golf Day Live used in EGCOA tournament

Golf Day Live30th November 2011

Golf Day Live is being used as the official scoring application for the Europian Golf Club Owners Association tournament and conference. In a few days it'll be keeping track of 80 simultanious players, broadcasting all of their live score updates to a widescreen TV set up in the clubhouse.

This represents the biggest and most openly-available demonstration of the application to date.

PlayBrighter beta launched

PlayBrighter24th November 2011

A beta version of the PlayBrighter website is now availble. It's an ambitious project, and there's probably going to be a few bugs along the way. Nevertheless, it's already an effective educational resource, and has been receiving great feedback at trade shows and from our group of teacher testers.

html5media 1.1.5 released

html5media17th November 2011

This release adds in a few useful API hooks to allow forcing the Flash fallback to appear on browsers that support the video tag, but have a buggy implementation. It also improves the fallback flash player to be more consistent with native players.

Venture Trust website launched

Venture Trust15th November 2011

The Venture Trust website is now online!

UOC Mail launched

University of Cambridge mailing platform10th November 2011

The new University of Cambridge mailing platform is now online. It will be gradually scaling up it's traffic over the coming months as more and more university newsletters are migrated over to the new system.

django-subscribers is now powering University of Cambridge!

django-subscribers10th November 2011

django-subscribers has now been adopted by the University of Cambridge communications department to manage their mailing listings and newsletters. It's being used to send out around five thousand emails a day, without breaking a sweat.

It's replacing their existing subscription-based webservice at a saving of hundreds of pounds per month.

Network'43 website launched

Network'434th November 2011

The Network'43 website is now online. The tweets are rolling out!

django-watson 1.0 released

django-watson27th October 2011

django-watson 1.0 is now available on GitHub and PyPi.

django-reversion 1.5.1 released

django-reversion26th October 2011

  • Polish translation.
  • Minor bug fixes.

django-subscribers beta now available

django-subscribers21st October 2011

django-subscribers beta is now available on GitHub.

CRFS intranet UI overhauled

CRFS intranet15th October 2011

The UI for the CRFS intranet has been completely overhauled to allow significantly more information to be displayed on-screen. It has also been modified to take advantage of ultra-widescreen monitors by using a fluid width layout.

Brand Recruitment SEO capabilities upgraded

Brand Recruitment15th October 2011

Brand Recruitment place great emphasis on optimising their site for search engines. This recent set of updates improves their ability to tweak page content and meta tags for extremely granular tuning of their search engine ranking.

Golf Day Live tested on local golf course

Golf Day Live7th October 2011

And updated version of Golf Day Live is now undergoing multi-device testing on a local golf course.

django-optimizations beta now available

django-optimizations4th October 2011

A beta release of django-optimizations is now available on GitHub. It should be considered ready for production use, but the public APIs documention is still only available via the source code, and may still be subject to change.

CRFS intranet upgraded with charting tools

CRFS intranet22nd September 2011

The CRFS intranet has now been upgraded with a number of charting tools, allowing summaries of important information over time to be quickly generated and displayed.

django-usertools beta now available

django-usertools18th September 2011

django-usertools beta is now available on GitHub.