django-watson 1.0 released

django-watson27th October 2011

django-watson 1.0 is now available on GitHub and PyPi.

django-reversion 1.5.1 released

django-reversion26th October 2011

  • Polish translation.
  • Minor bug fixes.

django-subscribers beta now available

django-subscribers21st October 2011

django-subscribers beta is now available on GitHub.

CRFS intranet UI overhauled

CRFS intranet15th October 2011

The UI for the CRFS intranet has been completely overhauled to allow significantly more information to be displayed on-screen. It has also been modified to take advantage of ultra-widescreen monitors by using a fluid width layout.

Brand Recruitment SEO capabilities upgraded

Brand Recruitment15th October 2011

Brand Recruitment place great emphasis on optimising their site for search engines. This recent set of updates improves their ability to tweak page content and meta tags for extremely granular tuning of their search engine ranking.

Golf Day Live tested on local golf course

Golf Day Live7th October 2011

And updated version of Golf Day Live is now undergoing multi-device testing on a local golf course.

django-optimizations beta now available

django-optimizations4th October 2011

A beta release of django-optimizations is now available on GitHub. It should be considered ready for production use, but the public APIs documention is still only available via the source code, and may still be subject to change.