CRFS intranet upgraded with charting tools

CRFS intranet22nd September 2011

The CRFS intranet has now been upgraded with a number of charting tools, allowing summaries of important information over time to be quickly generated and displayed.

django-usertools beta now available

django-usertools18th September 2011

django-usertools beta is now available on GitHub.

Brand Recruitment website launched

Brand Recruitment9th September 2011

The Brand Recruitment Website is now online!

django-reversion 1.5 released

django-reversion7th September 2011

  • Added in simplified low level API methods, and deprecated old low level API methods.
  • Added in support for multiple revision managers running in the same project.
  • Added in significant speedups for models with integer primary keys.
  • Added in cleanup improvements to patch generation helpers.
  • Minor bug fixes

CSaP upgraded to CMS 2.4

Centre for Science and Policy6th September 2011

CSaP is now running the latest CMS 2.4 release. This improves the performance of the admin system when dealing with large volumes of website data.