Brand Recruitment website launched

Brand Recruitment9th September 2011

The Brand Recruitment Website is now online!

django-reversion 1.5 released

django-reversion7th September 2011

  • Added in simplified low level API methods, and deprecated old low level API methods.
  • Added in support for multiple revision managers running in the same project.
  • Added in significant speedups for models with integer primary keys.
  • Added in cleanup improvements to patch generation helpers.
  • Minor bug fixes

CSaP upgraded to CMS 2.4

Centre for Science and Policy6th September 2011

CSaP is now running the latest CMS 2.4 release. This improves the performance of the admin system when dealing with large volumes of website data.

django-watson beta now available

django-watson29th August 2011

A beta release of django-watson is now available on GitHub. It should be considered relatively robuts, but some APIs may still be subject to change.

Cambridge Enterprise launched

Cambridge Enterprise17th August 2011

Cambridge enterprise is now online!

CRFS website launched

CRFS2nd August 2011

The CRFS website is now online!

The Ad Bar Video CVs integrates with DailyMotion Cloud

The Ad Bar Video CVs18th July 2011

By utilising the DM Cloud API, video CVs can now be uploaded fast and streamed in high-definition across all devices.

The Ad Bar integrated with cloud video provider

The Ad Bar18th July 2011

The Ad Bar how now been integrated with a cloud video hosting and encoding provider, allowing it to stream high-definition video to both mobile and desktop devices.

The improvement to video quality and download speed are considerable.

html5media 1.1.4 released

html5media10th July 2011

This release adds in support for a high-performance global CDN, backed by Google App Engine. It also adds in support for low-resolution video fallbacks for mobile devices based on CSS media queries.

Onespacemedia website launched

Onespacemedia30th June 2011

The new Onespacemedia website is online!

Golf Day Live begins limited testing

Golf Day Live29th June 2011

A prototype of Golf Day Live has been made available to a small group of testers in the field. Their experiences with the application will be used to shape the direction of future developments.

CRFS intranet launched

CRFS intranet10th June 2011

The CRFS intranet site has been deployed on their own internal servers.

Jo Alexander website launched

Jo Alexander25th May 2011

The Jo Alexander e-commerce site is now online!

Jenny Thorne Illustration website launched

Jenny Thorne Illustration25th May 2011

The Jenny Thorne illustration website is now online!

moody-templates 0.9 beta released

moody-templates4th May 2011

moody-templates 0.9 is now available on GitHub and PyPi.

django-reversion 1.4 released

django-reversion27th April 2011

  • Added in a version flag for add / change / delete annotations.
  • Added experimental deleterevisions management command.
  • Added a --comment option to createinitialrevisions management command.
  • Django 1.3 compatibility.

Redesigned Virtual Aviation website launched

Virtual Aviation12th April 2011

The redesigned Virtual Aviation website is now online!

Cambridge Phenomenon Conference multimedia now available

Cambridge Phenomenon Conference20th March 2011

The website has now been updated with a large number of videos and mutimedia from the conference speakers. Thanks to everyone for coming and making it the success that it was!

Turbostream website launched

Turbostream8th March 2011

The Turbostream website is now online!

django-reversion 1.3.3 released

django-reversion5th March 2011

  • Improved resilience of revert() to database integrity errors.
  • Added in Czech translation.
  • Added ability to only save revisions if there is no change.
  • Fixed long-running bug with file fields in inline related admin models.
  • Easier debugging for createinitialrevisions command.
  • Improved compatibility with Oracle database backend.
  • Fixed error in MySQL tests.
  • Greatly improved performance of get_deleted() Version manager method.
  • Fixed an edge-case UnicodeError.