Lumie Dream Morning competition has ended

Lumie Dream Morning Generator18th December 2012

The Dream Morning competition has now ended. The lucky winner will be revealed very soon!

Real World OCaml commenting launched

Real World OCaml commenting14th December 2012

The commenting site is now available to a closed list of initial reviewers, authenticated via the GitHub API.

django-reversion 1.6.5 and 1.5.6 released

django-reversion12th December 2012

Due to this week's two security releases from Django, two new versions of django-reversion have been released.

These releases allow you to use django-reversion with the new 1.4.3 and 1.3.5 releases from Django.

django-require 1.0.1 is out!

django-require30th November 2012

It's now possible to use node as a compilation environment, instead of java, with substantial performance gains during optimization.

The latest versions of RequireJS and almond are also included in this release.

Upload progress bars added to The Ad Bar

The Ad Bar16th November 2012

It's now easy to track the progress of large video uploads to your account on The Ad Bar.

The streaming upload service provided by DailyMotion Cloud has also improved the upload capacity, increasing the amount of traffic the site can handle significantly.

Imperial Innovations website launched!

Imperial Innovations9th November 2012

The Imperial Innovations company website has just launched! It's a pretty huge site, so check it out!

django-herokuapp beta launches on GitHub

django-herokuapp2nd November 2012

The first beta release of django-herokuapp is now available on GitHub and PyPi.

django-require 1.0.0 released!

django-require1st November 2012

The first production release of django-require is now available on GitHub and PyPi. Happy coding!

Fly Airbus launched

Fly Airbus1st November 2012

The Fly Airbus site is now online!

Expense tracking added to CRFS intranet

CRFS intranet31st October 2012

Expense logging and analysis has now been added to the intranet, allowing the existing time-based EV and CPI analysis to be applied to real money assets within the company.

django-reversion 1.6.4 and 1.5.5 released

django-reversion28th October 2012

Due to this week's two security releases from Django, two new versions of django-reversion have been released.

These releases allow you to use django-reversion with the new 1.4.2 and 1.3.4 releases from Django.

Lumie launches on Facebook

Lumie Dream Morning Generator26th October 2012

The Lumie Dream Morning app has just launched on Facebook. Play it now to win a Lumie bodyclock (or just enjoy the game)!

Camfed website relaunched!

Camfed27th September 2012

The Camfed website has been completely redesigned and rebuilt, and was launched today.

It's a significant improvement over the old look and feel. The new site is powered by etianen-cms, giving us full control over the presentation and functionality.

A new multi-currency donation platform allows people around the world to support girls' education in Africa.

RFeye Monitor prototype up and running

CRFS RFeye Monitor26th September 2012

An initial instance of the new RFeye Monitor system is now online and listening to node data. So far, so good!

PlayBrighter account upgrades are now available!

PlayBrighter13th September 2012

PlayBrighter now allows you to upgrade your account online using subscriptions powered by GoCardless. If you're running out of mission credits, and want to upgrade, log in now to check out your new package settings screen!

django-usertools 1.0.2 released

django-usertools5th September 2012

django-usertools 1.0.2 had been released. This is a bugfix release, adding in a missing email template file to the source distribution.

django-reversion 1.6.3 had landed

django-reversion5th September 2012

This release fixes a nasty bug preventing models with unique constraints from being reverted in the admin. It also adds stricter permissions checking in the admin.

It's recommended for all Django 1.4 users.

etianen-cms 2.6.1 released!

etianen-cms1st August 2012

etianen-cms 2.6.1 is now available for download on PyPi and GitHub.

This is the first fully-documented release intended for public consumption. It's the most significant open-source release I've made to date.

django-reversion 1.6.2 released

django-reversion31st July 2012

Due to the today's two security releases from Django, two new versions of django-reversion have been released.

These releases suppress the version warnings from reversion, allowing you to use it with the new 1.4.1 and 1.3.2 releases from Django.

django-historylinks 1.0 has landed!

django-historylinks24th July 2012

The first production release of django-historylinks is now available on GitHub and PyPi.