Intrasection Comic has launched!

Intrasection Comic28th May 2012

Intrasection Comic has just launched! Click here to read the first four pages!

Ionscope website launched

Ionscope23rd May 2012

The Ionscope website has just launched! Their technology is pretty cool, so if you're a science geek, it's worth a look.

django-subscribers gains simple REST api

django-subscribers15th May 2012

django-subscribers now supports simple REST calls to the core subscription mechanism, allowing pure JS forms to be used for an enhanced signup experience.

Camfed NYC launch event is a success

Camfed15th May 2012

The launch event for the Camfed NYC chapter took place yesterday, and was a great success.

A custom iPad app, created for the event, was used to quickly capture member email addresses over the evening.

Cambridge Phenomenon website relaunched

Cambridge Phenomenon7th May 2012

The Cambridge Phenomenon website has been completed redesigned and rebuilt.

A major goal was to make the site easier to maintain and update by it's editorial team, so expect more news and updates to hit the site soon!