django-reversion 1.6.2 released

django-reversion31st July 2012

Due to the today's two security releases from Django, two new versions of django-reversion have been released.

These releases suppress the version warnings from reversion, allowing you to use it with the new 1.4.1 and 1.3.2 releases from Django.

django-historylinks 1.0 has landed!

django-historylinks24th July 2012

The first production release of django-historylinks is now available on GitHub and PyPi.

django-watson 1.1.1 has landed!

django-watson19th July 2012

Django-watson 1.1.1 is now available on GitHub and PyPi. It's a minor feature release, with release notes available here.

django-usertools 1.0.1 released!

django-usertools19th July 2012

django-usertools 1.0.1 is now available on PyPi and GitHub.

This release adds Django 1.4 compatibility.

Jo Alexander updated for the summer!

Jo Alexander16th July 2012

The Jo Alexander website has undergone a design overhaul and received a number of important new features.

It's now possible to save £s with new multibuy offers, which can be highlighted to customers via a new promotional banner system.

In-game messaging added to Golf Day Live

Golf Day Live9th July 2012

Golf Day Live now supports in-game messaging, allowing players and official commentators to talk about the game as it happens.

Staff members from the clubhouse or tournament are able to distinguish themselves from player banter through the use of custom-designed icons, or by sticking their message to the top of the updates stream for extra prominence.

Intrasection Chapter 1 has started!

Intrasection Comic2nd July 2012

Chapter 1 of Intrasection Comic has just started. The action's going to start hotting up from this point onwards!

The Idea of a University has just landed!

The Idea of a University2nd July 2012

The website for The Idea of a University has just been launched!