django-watson 1.1.1 has landed!

django-watson19th July 2012

Django-watson 1.1.1 is now available on GitHub and PyPi. It's a minor feature release, with release notes available here.

django-usertools 1.0.1 released!

django-usertools19th July 2012

django-usertools 1.0.1 is now available on PyPi and GitHub.

This release adds Django 1.4 compatibility.

Jo Alexander updated for the summer!

Jo Alexander16th July 2012

The Jo Alexander website has undergone a design overhaul and received a number of important new features.

It's now possible to save £s with new multibuy offers, which can be highlighted to customers via a new promotional banner system.

In-game messaging added to Golf Day Live

Golf Day Live9th July 2012

Golf Day Live now supports in-game messaging, allowing players and official commentators to talk about the game as it happens.

Staff members from the clubhouse or tournament are able to distinguish themselves from player banter through the use of custom-designed icons, or by sticking their message to the top of the updates stream for extra prominence.

Intrasection Chapter 1 has started!

Intrasection Comic2nd July 2012

Chapter 1 of Intrasection Comic has just started. The action's going to start hotting up from this point onwards!

The Idea of a University has just landed!

The Idea of a University2nd July 2012

The website for The Idea of a University has just been launched!

CSaP homepage redesigned

Centre for Science and Policy21st June 2012

The redesigned CSaP homepage has just been launched! The new look aims to showcase their work and direct interested people to the appropriate sections of the site.

django-reversion 1.6.1 released

django-reversion20th June 2012

django-reversion 1.6.1 had landed on GitHub and PyPi. It fixes a number of minor bugs, and adds a Swedish translation.

Intrasection Comic has launched!

Intrasection Comic28th May 2012

Intrasection Comic has just launched! Click here to read the first four pages!

Ionscope website launched

Ionscope23rd May 2012

The Ionscope website has just launched! Their technology is pretty cool, so if you're a science geek, it's worth a look.

django-subscribers gains simple REST api

django-subscribers15th May 2012

django-subscribers now supports simple REST calls to the core subscription mechanism, allowing pure JS forms to be used for an enhanced signup experience.

Camfed NYC launch event is a success

Camfed15th May 2012

The launch event for the Camfed NYC chapter took place yesterday, and was a great success.

A custom iPad app, created for the event, was used to quickly capture member email addresses over the evening.

Cambridge Phenomenon website relaunched

Cambridge Phenomenon7th May 2012

The Cambridge Phenomenon website has been completed redesigned and rebuilt.

A major goal was to make the site easier to maintain and update by it's editorial team, so expect more news and updates to hit the site soon!

The Ad Bar 3.0 has landed!

The Ad Bar27th April 2012

The third major release of The Ad Bar has just landed! It's been a long road, but the latest iteration of this site is easily the best yet.

Beta-level video processing added to django-optimizations

django-optimizations17th April 2012

django-optimizations now comes with support for generating efficient thumbnails from MP4 videos, as well as highly-experimental video stream transcoding and resizing support.

Ness Highland Activities launched!

Ness Highland Activities5th April 2012

The Ness Highland Activities site has now been launched!

django-watson 1.1.0 released

django-watson5th April 2012

django-watson 1.0 is now available on GitHub and PyPi. This release improves the efficiency of updating large search indexes and adds in Django 1.4 admin compatibility.

django-reversion 1.6 released

django-reversion27th March 2012

django-reversion 1.6 is now available for download from GitHub and PyPi. This release brings full Django 1.4 compatibility.

PlayBrighter mission preview has landed!

PlayBrighter22nd March 2012

Teachers can now preview and play the missions they set their students, allowing them to make sure that the questions and game they've chosen are appropriate for their students' age and abilities.

Question sets can now be created with multiple choice questions, and there's a fresh tutorial video to show users how these new features work.

django-optimizations 1.0 has landed!

django-optimizations7th March 2012

django-optimizations 1.0 is now available for download from GitHub and PyPi.