Tesco Festive Feast Planner shuts down for the season

Tesco Festive Feast Planner24th December 2013

With Christmas over, the Tesco Festive Feast Planner has now been shut down, having spent two high-traffic months on the Tesco Christmas portal.

It is expected to appear again over the coming year, repurposed for other national holidays. Look out for it again next Christmas when you're planning your feast!

Ladbrokes Spingo launches!

Ladbrokes Spingo #giftthegirls11th December 2013

The Spingo competition is now online! Play on Facebook for a chance to #giftthegirls, as well as winning prizes for yourself if your lucky number gets picked!

#GuardianGreenRoom opens at Rough Trade NYC

#GuardianGreenRoom - Editors Picks26th November 2013

#GuardianGreenRoom is now open at Rough Trade NYC. Check it out, and maybe even buy some vinyl (if you're into that sort of thing!).

The Tesco Festive Feast Planner launches

Tesco Festive Feast Planner21st November 2013

The Festive Feast Planner is now online. Check it out now, and get your Christmas sorted!

django-require 1.0.5 is out!

django-require12th November 2013

The latest release of django-require is now available on GitHub and PyPi. This release upgrades the bundles RequireJS to 2.1.8, as well as fixing the tests to work in Django 1.6.

django-reversion 1.8 released

django-reversion7th November 2013

This release adds compatibility for Django 1.6, as well as removing the type flag on Version models.

Real time data aggregation added to Mohawk Survey Platform

Mohawk Survey Platform1st November 2013

The survey platform is now capable of performing real-time aggregate analysis of incoming data. The algorithm is based on a map-reduce workflow, allowing aggregates to be efficiently updated by incoming data without requiring a full rebuild to take place.

Ladbrokes Lads Weekender Generator competition ends

Ladbrokes Lads Weekender Generator13th October 2013

The Lads Weekender competition is over, with the lucky winners being flown off for their epic weekends. Look out for other games and competitions from Ladbrokes and Mohawk hitting Facebook over the next few months!

django-watson 1.1.2 released!

django-watson5th October 2013

django-watson 1.1.2 has just landed! Key features include Python 3.3 compatibility and a more memory-efficient buildwatson command.

Email responses added to Mohawk Surveys

Mohawk Survey Platform3rd October 2013

Surveys can now be configured to send an automated email on completion, supporting the full range of Django template system for per-user customisation.

Additional security settings for per-origin access control and the specification of access token expiry have also been added.

Professional Networks newsletter system launches

The Guardian Professional Networks registration2nd October 2013

A new bulk mailing system has been added, allowing email newsletters to be created, scheduled, and dispatched to high-volume mailing lists. The system is designed to handle millions of emails per month, at a rate of 100K emails per hour.

The system makes heavy use of RabbitMQ and Celery to parallelize sends amongst a large number of background workers, and is horizontally scalable should future volumes increase.

Other key technologies contributing to the send performance include PostgreSQL full text indexing and Amazon Elasticache.

html5media 1.1.6 released

html5media23rd September 2013

This release fixes a broken Flowplayer expressInstall static path, and improves the fidelity of the styling of the fallback element.

The #soulsearcher quiz has launched!

The Guardian soulmates #soulsearcher quiz16th September 2013

The #soulsearcher quiz is now online. Take a look, and find out how you rate as a Guardian Soulmate!

django-reversion documention moved to Read the Docs

django-reversion8th September 2013

This move aims to encourange community contributions, as well as allowing documentation for old releases of django-reversion to remain accessible.

Check out the new docs, and maybe fire up a pull request!

Ladbrokes Lads Weekender launches

Ladbrokes Lads Weekender Generator14th August 2013

The Lads Weekender competition has just launched on the Ladbrokes Facebook page.

Take a spin for a chance to win an ultimate weekend away!

django-access-tokens 0.9 released!

django-access-tokens14th August 2013

The first release of django-access-tokens is now available on GitHub and PyPi. Happy coding!

django-require 1.0.4 released

django-require27th July 2013

The latest release includes updates to the bundled require.js, r.js, and closure compiler libraries.

Mohawk Survey Platform updated with CORS support

Mohawk Survey Platform11th July 2013

The Mohawk Survey Platform now supports remote data posting via CORS (in compatible browsers).

This allows data capture applications to be run on custom domains, improving branding options for public-facing surveys.

django-reversion 1.7.1 has been released

django-reversion26th June 2013

This is a minor bugfix release, improving support for custom User models. It's recommended for all Django 1.5+ projects.

Guardian reps using new data capture app at Wimbledon 2013

Wimbledon 2013 Guardian Data Capture25th June 2013

If you're at Wimbledon today, look out for guardian reps with iPads. They're using the awesome new data capture app powered by the Mohawk Survey Platform.