#GuardianGreenRoom opens at Rough Trade NYC

#GuardianGreenRoom - Editors Picks26th November 2013

#GuardianGreenRoom is now open at Rough Trade NYC. Check it out, and maybe even buy some vinyl (if you're into that sort of thing!).

The Tesco Festive Feast Planner launches

Tesco Festive Feast Planner21st November 2013

The Festive Feast Planner is now online. Check it out now, and get your Christmas sorted!

django-require 1.0.5 is out!

django-require12th November 2013

The latest release of django-require is now available on GitHub and PyPi. This release upgrades the bundles RequireJS to 2.1.8, as well as fixing the tests to work in Django 1.6.

django-reversion 1.8 released

django-reversion7th November 2013

This release adds compatibility for Django 1.6, as well as removing the type flag on Version models.

Real time data aggregation added to Mohawk Survey Platform

Mohawk Survey Platform1st November 2013

The survey platform is now capable of performing real-time aggregate analysis of incoming data. The algorithm is based on a map-reduce workflow, allowing aggregates to be efficiently updated by incoming data without requiring a full rebuild to take place.