django-reversion 1.7.1 has been released

django-reversion26th June 2013

This is a minor bugfix release, improving support for custom User models. It's recommended for all Django 1.5+ projects.

Guardian reps using new data capture app at Wimbledon 2013

Wimbledon 2013 Guardian Data Capture25th June 2013

If you're at Wimbledon today, look out for guardian reps with iPads. They're using the awesome new data capture app powered by the Mohawk Survey Platform.

Mohawk Survey Platform piloted by The Gurdian at Wimbledon 2013

Mohawk Survey Platform25th June 2013

Guardian reps at Wimbledon 2013 used the Mohawk Survey Platform to gather user registrations during the day.

This pilot launch of the platform utilised it's offline capabilities, allowing the iPad-based application to still function during periods of poor mobile data reception.

#guardiancoffee opens its doors

#guardiancoffee3rd June 2013

Head down to BOXPARK in Shorditch and visit the new #guardiancoffee café right now! It's open, and the coffee is great!

The Ad Bar business profile pages enhanced with greater customization

The Ad Bar2nd June 2013

It's now possible to upload a high resolution background image to your business profile page, allowing easy skinning of your Ad channel.

The video player UI has also been updated to look good with a variety of possible background images.