Mohawk Survey Platform piloted by The Gurdian at Wimbledon 2013

Mohawk Survey Platform25th June 2013

Guardian reps at Wimbledon 2013 used the Mohawk Survey Platform to gather user registrations during the day.

This pilot launch of the platform utilised it's offline capabilities, allowing the iPad-based application to still function during periods of poor mobile data reception.

#guardiancoffee opens its doors

#guardiancoffee3rd June 2013

Head down to BOXPARK in Shorditch and visit the new #guardiancoffee café right now! It's open, and the coffee is great!

The Ad Bar business profile pages enhanced with greater customization

The Ad Bar2nd June 2013

It's now possible to upload a high resolution background image to your business profile page, allowing easy skinning of your Ad channel.

The video player UI has also been updated to look good with a variety of possible background images.

Jo Alexander site redesigned!

Jo Alexander26th May 2013

The Jo Alexander site has undergone a complete redesign, focusing on high-resolution images and clean use of whitespace.

This design update places greater emphasis on social sharing, customer reviews, and provides a clearer checkout process.

Guardian Ad Gallery gains video support

The Guardian Advertising Gallery23rd May 2013

The advertising gallery now supports adding videos to formats, allowing demonstrations of their user interactions to be displayed.

Videos are encoded for multiple platforms using the Zencoder API.

django-require 1.0.3 has landed!

django-require25th April 2013

This update adds the ability to specify custom compiler environments, either by class name or alias.

It also performs automatic detection of the fastest available environment on the system, if none is specified.

Location maps and access control added to RFeye Monitor

CRFS RFeye Monitor20th April 2013

Global node location maps are now available within the RFeye Monitor software.

Additional tools for grouping and filtering nodes, as well as restricting access to node data within your company, have also been added.

Premium membership feature added

The Guardian Professional Networks registration20th April 2013

Paid-for premium memberships for a select number of networks are now available, offering additional member benefits.

The online transactions for this feature were handled through an integration with WorldPay.

django-usertools 1.0.3 has arrived

django-usertools16th April 2013

This release fixes the DeprecationWarning for importing from django.conf.urls.defaults.

The Gaurdian Advertising Gallery launches

The Guardian Advertising Gallery21st March 2013

The Guardian Advertising gallery is now launched! The app will be featured heavily during the Guardian's agency roadshow events over the next few months.

The Guardian Progressives Test is launched!

The Guardian Progressives Test21st March 2013

The Guardian Progressives Test is now launched! This launch corresponds with the first of the Guardian's agency roadshow events, where it will be featured heavily.

Professional Networks Registration iPad app launched

The Guardian Professional Networks registration21st March 2013

A standalon iPad app for the Guardian Professional Networks has been launched. Designed to run at roadshow events, it utilises offline HTML5 capabilities to continue functioning without an internet connection.

The Ad Bar Video CVs relaunched!

The Ad Bar Video CVs11th March 2013

The Video CV site has undergone a complete redesign and rebuild. Check it out and upload your video CV!

django-reversion 1.7 has landed!

django-reversion27th February 2013

Featuring Django 1.5 support and experimental Python 3 support. It's the future!

django-require 1.0.2 released

django-require25th February 2013

The latest version of django-require provides the most recent versions of the requirejs, almond, closure and rhino libraries. It also slightly speeds up deploys to remote filesystems.

Facebook integration for Guardian Professional networks

The Guardian Professional Networks registration21st February 2013

The Professional Neworks registration forms now integrate with Facebook Pages as page tab applications.

The experience was designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, avoiding permission and update spamming to users.

django-herokuapp 0.9.11 released

django-herokuapp20th February 2013

django-herokuapp 0.9.11 is now available on GitHub and PyPi.

The major improvement in this release is multi-app support, allowing separate Heroku staging and deployment apps to be used.

django-reversion 1.6.6 and 1.5.7 released

django-reversion20th February 2013

Due to this week's two security releases from Django, two new versions of django-reversion have been released.

These releases allow you to use django-reversion with the new 1.4.4 and 1.3.6 releases from Django.

Unsubscribe feature added to Guardian Registration pages

The Guardian Professional Networks registration12th February 2013

It's now possible to unsubscribe from the Guardian Professional Networks using the new registration site. This represents a substantial improvement in UI and UX over the previous unsubscribe system.

EV overview added to CRFS intranet

CRFS intranet2nd February 2013

A whole-company EV and CPI overview report has been added to the intranet application, with optional date-based constraints.