django-herokuapp 0.9.19 released

django-herokuapp5th December 2014

The 0.9.19 release of django-herokuapp is now available on GitHub and PyPi.

This minor release improves the parsing of heroku config vars, and removes the dependency on South.

django-watson 1.1.5 has landed

django-watson8th November 2014

This release fixes an issue with indexing nullable ForeignKey fields. You can download it from GitHub and PyPi.

django-reversion 1.8.5 has landed

django-reversion31st October 2014

This release adds support for proxy models and registration with custom signals.

Mohawk website goes live

Mohawk28th October 2014

The new Mohawk website has launched! Many months in the making, and we love the result!

django-watson 1.1.4 released

django-watson14th October 2014

django-watson 1.1.4 is now available on GitHub and PyPi. It features a new context manager for skipping search index updates, as well as several minor bug fixes.

django-optimizations 1.0.4 has landed

django-optimizations14th September 2014

This release brings provisional Python 3 compatibility to the project.

django-reversion 1.8.3 adds Django 1.7 support!

django-reversion6th September 2014

django-reversion 1.8.3 is now available on GitHub and PyPi.

django-usertools 1.0.7 released

django-usertools4th August 2014

The latest version of django-usertools is now available on GitHub and PyPi. This release adds an optional password reset workflow to the admin interface.

django-reversion 1.8.2 has landed

django-reversion1st August 2014

django-reversion 1.8.2 is now available on GitHub and PyPi. This is a minor release, and a recommended upgrade for all users of django-reversion 1.8.1.

etianen-cms 2.6.4 released

etianen-cms28th July 2014

A new release of etianen-cms just hit PyPi and GitHub.

This release adds Django 1.6 compatibility, as well as improving the overall installation experience.

Tesco Football Carnival shuts down

Tesco Football Carnival21st June 2014

The seasonal Football Carnival app has now ended. Look out for it next year!

Guardian Jobs Recruiter Zone launches

Guardian Jobs Recruiter Zone6th June 2014

The Guardian Jobs Recruiter Zone is now online. Check it out on your desktop, mobile or tablet!

django-reversion 1.8.1 released

django-reversion29th May 2014

django-reversion 1.8.1 is now available on GitHub and PyPi. This release fixes several bugs and offers several improvements, and is recommended for all users of Django 1.6.x.

Tesco Football Carnival launches

Tesco Football Carnival21st May 2014

The Tesco Football Carnival app is now online on!

django-usertools 1.0.4 released

django-usertools12th May 2014

This release fixes deprecation warnings generated by Django 1.7, allowing it to remain future-proof for pending Django releases.

The Guardian Free Thinkers Challenge launches

The Guardian Progressives Test25th April 2014

A reworked version of the Progressives Test has just launched. The new version quizes people on their habits as a free thinker, and rates their ability to be an influencer amongst their peers.

django-require 1.0.6 released

django-require11th April 2014

This release improves the reliability of the Rhino build environment for large projects, and upgrades all the bundled requirejs libraries.

html5media 1.1.7 released

html5media2nd April 2014

This release fixes parsing of file extensions in URLs with query strings, such as authenticated Amazon S3 URLs.

Programmable reports added to Mohawk Survey Platform

Mohawk Survey Platform28th March 2014

Mohawk Surveys now features a programmable reporting system, powered by a functional scripting language developed specifically for the platform.

The scripting language was designed for sophisticated analysis of response data, with strict guarantees to ensure that scripts from untrusted sources could be run safely in a sandboxed runtime.

Guardian Media site launches

Guardian Media17th March 2014

Guardian Media is now online! This site was a labour of love, but the end result is something I'm particularly proud of!